📌 wp-admin pages redirecting to 404 pages

📌 wp-admin pages redirecting to 404 pages


wp-admin Dashboard is accessible but all other wp-admin pages redirect to 404 page

Only the wp-admin Dashboard page is accessible and all other pages (plugins, appearance, posts, etc.) redirect to the 404 page on the front-end.

Here are the most common solutions to try and resolve this problem:

If you have a lot of plugins installed, there is a big chance that one of plugins is causing this issue. But since we cant access the installed Plugins page to disable plugins, we have to login to the cPanel and disable the plugins from there. Simply rename the folder plugins to something else like plugins1 and all plugins will be disabled. Now go back to the wp-admin dashboard and try to open any of the admin pages.

disable all wordpress plugins

If this worked for you, that means that it really is a plugin related problem, and i suggest enabling the plugins one by one to find out which one is causing the problem. So go back to the cpanel and rename the plugins1 folder back to plugins. Than to find the problematic plugin, rename all plugins, add 1 to them and than rename them to their original names, one by one, while checking the admin pages.

There is also a chance that a security or caching plugin is blocking the wp-admin, for example, this is a feature that can be enabled in iThemes Security plugin, Hide Login Page plugin, etc.

Enter your cPanel and navigate to the root folder. In the upper right corner, there is a Settings button, which opens a modal where you have to enable “Show Hidden files” in order to view the .htaccess file.

Open the file and replace it’s content with the default content that is put there when you install the WordPress core.


PRO TIP: Also check the wp-admin/ folder and if there is .htaccess file, remove its content!

Log into your PHPMyAdmin and from the wp_options table change the permalink structure of your site. I suggest this tutorial from GoDaddy.

To flush the rewrite rules by hand, you could try to add this into your theme’s functions.php file

function my_flush() {

and try this in your wp-config.php


if nothing from the above list doesn’t solve your problem, I suggest re-installing the WordPress core.

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