24/7 WordPress Maintenance

Starting at $28 per month

Why you should use WordPress maintenance service

Unreliable hosting providers, third-party plugins and child themes are all a potential security risk for your WordPress site.

According to the statistics from 80,000+ WordPress Websites in Alexa Top 1 Million, more than 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker attacks. The most commons issues are out-dated versions of WordPress, no longer maintained third-party plugins and low hosting security in general.

This all sounds fine, but what will you do for my website and why should I care? We’re glad you asked.

More Secure Site

We prevent site break ins and hacks to keep your site running as smooth as possible. Don’t worry, we got this.

A Constantly Fresh Site

You’ve got unlimited small changes to your site. Which means you’ll always have fresh content and new things to say. Let’s keep your audience engaged!

Increased SEO

Our site, speed and content services help to rank your site higher in Google’s search algorithm. Who doesn’t like higher search rankings?

A Faster Site

A faster site means better performance means happy customers. Now who wouldn’t want happy customers?

Incresed Site Traffic

With increased optimization, site speeds and better conversions, your site will attract more users. You can thank us for the increased business later..

24/7 Eyes on Your Site

We’re always watching your site so you don’t have to. If a page sneezes, we’ll give it a tissue and let you know.

What you get with every plan

If you need something on your site fixed or enhanced, we can help!
Learn more about the additional support services we can provide through our Support Program.

Our Team Knows Your Tech

WPorb is brought to you by the same company that operates PluginsBay

We partner with, know, and use the same hosting companies, plugins, and themes that you rely on. That’s what makes us the experts on your maintenance needs. 

From e-commerce to full development solutions, our knowledgeable support technicians are here for you.

All payments are safely processed with Paypal. If we were unable to resolve your issue or
if we didn't meet your expectations, we maintain a 30-day refund policy!