How to Create Hidden Links 👀

Recently I was asked by a good friend of mine: “How can I hide a link from visitors but display it to Google?” and immediately words display: none; flow out of my mouth. But the longer I think...

💡 15 must-have WordPress plugins for 2020

With each year that goes by, WordPress is getting more and more popular and WordPress plugins are becoming more complex (Duh its 2020!). When it comes to using WordPress as a blogging platform, there are...

✔️ How to Submit a website to Google in 2020

A lot has changed since the good-old-days when you could just send your website URL to Google for review. These days you have to verify the ownership of the website first, and then submit it to Google. How to...

✔️ How to properly Backup a WordPress site

How to Update WordPress and Backup WordPress site with WordPress SQL Backup plugin

Display Random Posts on ⚠️ 404 Page

This same query can be modified to show the most popular posts, most commented posts among others.

Latest Problems solved

wordpress speed optimization

How to speed up WordPress

Learn how to speed up WordPress without hiring a web developer - simple tips and improvements any WordPress user can follow!

fix wordpress issues and errors

Fix Issues & Errors

We're a PHP and WordPress experts here to fix any kind of PHP, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML or WordPress issue.

✔️ How to Reset WordPress Install

Are you looking for a way to reset your WordPress installation? If you re unsatisfied with your current website setup you can always reset everything and start from scratch. In this guide, I’ll show you how to...

best wordpress seo plugins 2020

🔥 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

In this article, we will review the 5 most used WordPress SEO plugins and in the next article we will also cover a few SEO tools that you should be using on a regular basis to really jump to the top in the search...

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