Sometimes websites break and the problems are too complicated to fix on your own. You’ve probably spent hours searching online for answers without any luck. Why not let us handle the hard stuff for you? 
We can fix issues and just about any WordPress related error and get your website back in running order.

fix issues and errors wordpressCommon Problems

The following is a list of WordPress problems that we fix on a regular basis.

Troubleshooting popular plugins:

Sharing on social networks:

  • Facebook incorrect thumbnail issue
  • Issue with OpenGraph
  • Wrong image share
  • Issue sharing on Twitter
  • Broken Twitter stream
  • Twitter card SSL issue
  • Broken Twitter cards images
  • Verify site on Pinterest 
  • Pin It button issues
  • Unable to show Instagram photos
  • Publish from WordPress to Instagram
  • Instagram widget no longer updating
  • “Types of posts” on tumblr 
  • Importing tumblr to WordPress
  • LinkedIn article sharing issue
  • Error connecting to LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn share not pulling images and tags

fix issues and wordpress errors

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fix issues and wordpress errors

fix issues and wordpress errors

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fix issues and wordpress errors

WordPress Maintenance for ordinary folks

Parents, Teachers, Salesmen.. We know how valuable your time is,
and that’s why we spend hours maintaining your sites so that you don’t have to.