There are many people who are not blogging for fun anymore. A lot of people have taken up blogging as a profession. A lot of them are successful as well.

Like any business, blogging also needs some best practices to ensure that the business grows. WordPress has opened the door of many functions and opportunities to the bloggers.

Today, it is much easier for a blogger to make his blog attractive and more useful with the help of WordPress Plugins. WordPress Plugins are used by websites like LinkedIn as well.

Coming back to best practices for blogging with WordPress, below mentioned are few tested ways which one should keep in mind while posting:

1.    Title


The title is like a window to the post. It should be giving out vital information about the content of the post. Title should never be vague or else it might not draw good traffic. Visitors will read the post only once they get attracted to the title.

2.    Keywords

blogging keywords wordpress

Another key component of any post which should be kept in mind by the blogger is the use of the keywords. One should try and use the keyword of the post in the title. This will help the post to come up in the search results more often. Also, one should try and connect the keywords through a hyperlink to related post which was published in the past. This results in the revisiting of older posts.

3.    Scheduling

blogging schedule post wordpress

WordPress has proved itself to be a boon for the bloggers with its capability of scheduling the publishing of the posts.

Now, with the help of scheduling function, one need not worry about the times when one has to attend some function or due to any reason need to be away from their computer. One can easily schedule the posts to be published in the future. So, visitors will never feel that you are out of touch.

4.    Image

blogging add image wordpress

Another thing to be kept in mind while publishing a post is to add a related image to it. This helps the users to connect to the post in a more comfortable manner.

5.    Announce

blogging share post wordpress

If possible one should announce the posting of any new content on the website. This can be done with the help of various social networking websites available on the internet. This will help the blog owner to attract more visitors.

Apart from the above-mentioned things, one should try and always comment on the visitor’s comments. This results in a long string of comments to the post.

Also, a person should try and generate more and more contests and forums on his blog. This helps visitors to get more involved in the blog and ensures that they feel wanted and asked for.


If used in the correct manner one can utilize WordPress through blogging and can bring profit through this mode of Business Networking. A lot of people with small scale businesses are also using this cost-effective tool to promote their business. So what are you waiting for?

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