✔️ How to extract WordPress All In One Migration backup from .WPRESS file

✔️ How to extract WordPress All In One Migration backup from .WPRESS file

.wpress file is the file that you get after you backup your site with the WP All In One Migration plugin and in this quick walkthrough, I’ll use traktor tool to extract the WordPress backup from a .wpress file on Windows.

The question is why would you do something like that, doesn’t the plugin automatically extract the backup from it on import? Well both yes and no. It does but the free version has a 90MB limit for the size of the file and let’s face it, most of the WordPress websites are way over that size.

Note: Worth mention, if you use a custom table prefix other than wp_ you will get your tables saved as PREFIX_SERVMASK_ in your database.

Download Extractor

You can download the WP Migration extractor software from here: https://traktor.wp-migration.com/

wpress wordpress orb

Create a new directory

On your computer create a new directory where you wish your files to be extracted to, in my case, it’s C://backup

wpress folder

Copy files to directory

The next thing to do is to take the software that we downloaded in step one and put it in the newly-created directory. Also, take your .wpress file and put it in the same folder.

wordpress folder

Open Command Prompt

The next thing to do is open the command prompt and type in the following commands:

cd C:\BACKUPFOLDER and hit enter, than: wpress-extractor BACKUPNAME.wpress.

Files Extracted

After the export from your .wpress file is finished you will get “All Done!” message in the command prompt and all the files from the wpress file will be extracted in your folder.

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