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The number 404 is one of the status codes in the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, or HTTP, which is the communication protocol used to transfer pages on the web. The definition of the 404 error code in the HTTP Status Code specification is the following: The server has not found anything matching the Request-URI. No

Administration Bar

It contains shortcuts to different parts of your site, along with notifications for comments and for when updates are available for plugins, themes and WordPress itself. Plugins and themes can also add custom links to the admin bar. For instance, if you have the localization plugin WPML installed, you can change your active editing language

Administration Panel

That includes posts and pages, WordPress settings, installation and management of plugins and themes, and so on. You need to be logged in to view it, and how much of it you have access to is determined by your user role. Subscribers can only edit their own profile, while administrators can edit everything on the


A user with the administrator user role is capable of editing all content, plugins Plugin Plugins are used to extend WordPress with functionality that isn't included in the system itself or in the active theme. , themes, users and settings on a WordPress installation. They can add new users, delete the existing theme, add new


Akismet is used for detecting and filtering out spam in comments, trackbacks, pingbacks and contact form messages. The plugin was developed by WordPress co-creator Matt Mullenweg in 2005, when comment spam was a big problem in the WordPress ecosystem. It is owned and maintained by the company Automattic, which Matt Mullenweg founded a couple of


Some of the most common examples of archive pages in WordPress are category pages, tag pages, author archive pages and archive pages for different dates. Archive pages usually include the title of the archive (like “Author: Anders Norén”), a description of the archive if one exists, and the list of items included in the archive.


The word attachment refers to the fact that the file is “attached” to the post or page you’re editing when you upload the file. If a file is uploaded directly from the Media page in the WordPress administration panel Administration Panel The administration panel is the control panel through which all of the content and


A post created by the user “Anders” will have that user listed as its author, for instance. WordPress includes archives for authors of different content types. The default author archive for regular posts is www.website.com/author/username/. Posts usually display the name of the author on the template for single posts. When you’re logged in, you can


The company was founded in August 2005 by Matt Mullenweg, co-creator of WordPress . As of May 2018, the company has 721 employees working from 62 different countries and speaking 81 different languages. The company is privately held and based in San Francisco, but their employees can work from anywhere. The most notable product offered


By default, WordPress relies on the Gravatar service to display avatars for post and comment authors. Whether the avatars are displayed or not is determined by the theme you’re using. Gravatar is a centralized service where you can register with your email address and select an avatar. When you use your email on a website

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