Nulled WordPress themes and plugins. Yes or no?

Apart from Official WordPress repository there are hundreds and thousands of websites which provides free WordPress themes and Plugins but the problem is you can not trust them always. Yes, Most of them add a malicious code to themes and plugins which is not too easy for you to find out. Before learning about the cure lets

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How to extract WordPress All In One Migration backup from .WPRESS file

.wpress file is the file that you get after you backup your site with the WP All In One Migration plugin and in this quick walkthrough, I'll use traktor tool to extract the WordPress backup on Windows. The question is why would you do something like that, doesn't the plugin automatically extract the backup from

wp-admin works but not the front-end website

Over the weekend one of our websites went down but we didn't notice it till we got back to work on Monday. The strange part was that wp-admin was working as nothing happened and only the front-end was disabled. We tried everything from the standards: Disable plugins and revert to the default theme Increase WP

Better handling WordPress 404 Errors

In this guide we are going to talk about better handling 404 page not found errors in WordPress. This can be a problem when the WordPress theme template is used for all 404 errors, running unnecessary PHP code and MySQL queries.   What is a 404 page An HTTP 404 Not Found error means that

Add post views to your WordPress posts

Today If you want to track a number of visits you can use hundreds of plugins that offer you with just that. But having a lot of plugins can both slow down your site and cause a potential vulnerability in the future. That's why I suggest you use as less plugins as possible, and for

WordPress .htaccess Security tricks

In many cases, you can resolve many server-level operational issues and challenges by simply updating/changing rules in the WordPress htaccess file. However, many website owners are not aware of the full potential of .htaccess for WordPress and thus miss out on optimizing their server (and website) to the fullest. Default .htaccess file Before we get

Can’t add or delete plugins and themes

For the last few months, this is the most common issue that our customers need help with. So I decided to write this short article on how to fix this problem. First of all, calm down, your site doesn't contain any malware (probably) and you are definitely not hacked. This is simply a thing that

wp-admin pages redirecting to 404 pages

Only the wp-admin Dashboard page is accessible and all other pages (plugins, appearance, posts, etc.) redirect to the 404 page on the front-end. Here are the most common solutions to try and resolve this problem: Disable ALL plugins If you have a lot of plugins installed, there is a big chance that one of plugins

How to delete virus ($_REQUEST[‘action’]) && isset($_REQUEST[‘password’]) &&

As a part of our WordPress maintenance package, we also offer Malware Removal and regular backups. During such a service, last week we noticed a malware in the functions.php file on one of our clients. One Google search later we also found the original malware script that was used. What we did to solve this

Disable WordPress plugins via FTP or within PHPMyAdmin

When developing or debugging a WordPress website it might be necessary to disable all your currently enabled WordPress plugins at once. Often if you need to do this, you might not be able to access the plugins section within Wp-Admin. One of most common reason I’ve seen for this needing to be done is the WordPress White screen

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